SketchUp Keyboard Shortcuts

The list contains keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys for the PC and Mac versions of SketchUp.


2 Point Arc (Press A)

Circle (Press C)

Erase (Press E)

Follow Me

Line (Press L)

Look Around

Move (Press M)

Offset (Press F)

Orbit (Press O)

Paint Bucket (Press B)

  • Ctrl+Shift (Mac: Option+Shift)

    Replace material on object

  • Alt (Mac: Command)

    Hold down to sample material

  • Push/Pull (Press P)

  • Distance

    Type a push/pull amount (any number) and then Enter

  • Rectangle (Press R)

    Rotated Rectangle

  • Angle and Width

    Click to place the first two corners. Then type the angle (any number), then a comma, then the width (any number) and then Enter

  • Rotate (Press Q)

  • Slope

    Type a rise (any number), then a colon (:), then a run and then Enter

  • Scale (Press S)

  • Scale Factor

    Type a scale factor (any number) and then Enter

  • Scale Length

    Type a scale length (any number), a unit type (example - "m") and then Enter

  • Select (Press spacebar)

  • Ctrl+Shift (Mac: Option+Shift)

    Subtract from the selection

  • Tape Measure (Press T)

  • Resize

    Measure a distance, type the intended size (any number) and then Enter

  • Zoom (Z)

    Create Custom Shortcuts for SketchUp

    To create your own custom shortcuts for SketchUp, go to Edit>Preferences (Windows) or SketchUp>Preferences (Mac) and click the Shortcuts tab. Find the function by either scrolling through the list or using the search bar. Enter your shortcut combination in the field at the bottom of the window.

    SketchUp Custom Shortcuts Settings

    Useful Custom Shortcuts

    • Hide rest of model


    • Hide selected


    • Unhide last


    • Hide dialogs

      Ctrl+D (Mac: Option+D)

    • Create group from selected


    • Paste in place